Friday, June 24, 2011

archive #4 of the week, state #4 of the week

Before we get into it, let’s do some quick tallies of the past five working days – drove approximately 1,050 miles over something like 18 hours to travel through four states to four separate university archives. We’ve gone from the gulf coast, through the swamp and into the wide open prairies; all beautiful but in very different ways. Its certainly not a pace to maintain in the long term, but we’ve managed to get a few days ahead of schedule before the weekend hits and the archives close down. Today’s archive visit was quite like yesterdays, a quick smash-and-grab job with a small collection of interesting materials – only six small folders-- but some really great finds. It was an exciting few hours. After dinner we went to the laundromat so we could start the weekend with really clean clothing -- not just washed in the hotel sink. Now we've made plans for a trail ride and a rodeo tomorrow so I say, let the weekend begin!

The photo, by the way, is of the early morning sky today as we drove from Oklahoma north into Kansas - wow!

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