Saturday, June 11, 2011

The New York Whirlwind

Its been a whirlwind two days in New York with Sille. We’ve covered lots of south-of-14th-street territory, seen many entertaining characters, and generally soaked in the frenetic and exciting feeling of the city in the summer. Two big highlights of today: 1 – we were having free breakfast at the hotel and being happy that it was free yet uninspired by the cuisine choices. Then a very nice lady from the hotel came to our table with a box of donuts and asked if we wanted to have some. I took it as a good omen – I mean, when was the last time someone came to you in the morning offering donuts? Anyway we headed out, thus fortified, on our adventures for the day and after some rather aimless meandering ended up at an art fair in Williamsburg called the Renegade Craft Fair which is the second big highlight of the day. We saw so many quirky, random, and inspiring crafty-art objects including throw pillows made to look like scrabble squares and an entire collection of necklace charms made in the shape of miniature food items. We had some delicious coffees along the way too, of course and took the subway many times—always in the right direction. Tomorrow morning the road trip begins in earnest with the first archive stop on Monday.

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