Sunday, June 19, 2011

everything with a mouth bites

Today we stopped for a gator adventure on our way to Baton Rouge where we are spending the night before a Monday of archiving. We took an hour long tour of a alligator and turtle farm in Hammond, LA which was educational and stinky. Apparently, it was one of the first alligator farms and has been breeding from the same original pool of swamp-captured gators for the past 54 years. They also took us through cages of various other animals including an albino anaconda and a lizard related to the kimono dragon. One of the women on the tour asked if the lizard would bit, he told us that he believes that everything with a mouth can bite so its always best to be careful -- this was moments after he stood barefoot in a cage with a 10 foot alligator showing us how hitting it with a stick on the nose would get it to react. All toes and fingers in tact, we headed on our sweaty way where we were grateful for a shower and clean towels. Check out the video below for a taste of our afternoon. Keeping my fingers crossed for a great day tomorrow at the library.

Click here to see the video on YouTube

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